Saturday, 6 December 2014

TTF get splitting

 Last week Carding Mill Valley was provided with 21 tonnes of logs and 9 crates to stack wood in, so naturally we asked our lovely Tuesday Task Force to come and help us fill them up and they did not let us down. Including some of our old empty crates and the new ones the TTF managed to fill 11 crates in a mornings work, some were chainsawing, some were splitting and others stacking the logs in crates ready for the tractor to take them away. These logs come from our friends at Wenlock Edge and go into Carding Mill Valley's wood boiler, the tearoom fire and shop fire.


 Carding Mill Valley happily welcomed McConnel to demonstrate the powers of their Remote Controlled, Unmanned Tractor. They very helpfully cut down some gorse, saving the National Trust two days of group manual labour....... thanks a lot. Due to the design and structure of the machine it is able to go on steep slopes that a manned tractor would not be able to drive on. Not only this but a manned tractor would never really go accross a slope but up and down, that all changes with Robopower.

McConnel spent a day at the valley using the time to show what Robopower could do for a reporter and take pictures. The weather wasn't ideal what with the fog and rain showers but we made it work and had a successful day.

Pictures courtesy of McConnel

Thursday, 20 November 2014

TTF head to Walcot

This week our Tuesday Task Force headed over to walcot to clear one of the hedgelines. With trees and brambles out of control and everywhere, it was a tough job but the volunteers made a huge improvement. With loppers, slashers and saws at the ready the majority of the hedgeline was cleared in no time and the brash made a lovely fire to keep everyone warm.

Pole Bank Topograph

Recently a mote has formed around the Topograph on Pole Bank, as much fun as it is for kids to run round and round in circles in, we felt it would be a lot nicer to look at if you weren't stood in a puddle, so Assistant Ranger Will and FTV Charis went to sort it out. A small drainage channel was dug out to drain some of the water and the hole filled in, over time this dirt will dry up a bit and grass will grow on top, it will look like new in no time. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Heather Burning Continues

Heather burning continues on the Mynd with help from our Tuesday task force, six areas were burned in order to help the heather rejuvinate better and provide a varied habitat for the grouse.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chalet Makeover

The Carding Mill Valley Chalet Pavilion is having a repaint (with the traditional National Trust Green), making it ready for the festive season. Come and check it out, and maybe grab a cup of coffee and some cake while you're at it!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Volunteer group help out!

Every year accountancy firm Whittingham-Riddall hold a "Make a Difference" day where they head out and volunteer in the local area.

This year the group joined the National Trust rangers to clear gorse in Carding Mill Valley, this creates a fire break between the left over gorse and the near-by houses. The team were great and got really stuck in, despite the thunder storm in the afternoon.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Garden Developments 2

While developments continue on the area of ground where the new polly tunnel will be built, FTV Rob has been getting the Ridan Composter up to full working order.

 The produce from the composter will then be mixed with garden waste and placed on the raised beds in the kitchen garden, preparing the soil for vegetables to be used in the Tea room.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wildflower Course


Over the past couple of months volunteer John has been leading a wildflower course, recently we had the last session on the uses of plants, where we looked out how plants have been and can be used.

John took the group around the surrounding area of Carding Mill Valley to see if any useful plants could be found.

Kate showed the group how plants can be used to dye various materials.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Small Mammal Trapping

On Thursday Assistant Ranger Kate led a mammal trapping session in carding mill valley, starting with the ten traps that had been set in the garden the night before.
Many of the participants got involved and helped to release the mammals back into the wild. during the course several wood mice, a field vole and yellow necked mouse were all found (alive), examined and released back where they were found.